Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Did Sam Walton Invent the Bikini in 1938?

Pay attention.  There may be a quiz.

Thanks to my BFF Larry Google, I have learned that volleyball was first played in Rome in 240 AD.  The Romans came up with the game from watching a group of sly foxes playing with stolen melons on the hills outside the ancient city. 

Roman Legionaires took the game with them when they marched to Germany for Oktoberfest and it became Faustball.  American William Morgan turned the game into volleyball.  A beach version was created in Hawaii in 1915.

Beach volleyball became the favorite spectator sport of the male race in 1994 when the bikini became the official women's uniform.

Bonus Questions: 
1.  Who invented the bikini?
          a.  Sam Walton
          b.  An engineer 
          c.  A plumber
          d.  David Jantzen
2.  When was it invented?
          a.  1920's
          b.  1930's
          c.  1940's
          d.  1950's
3.  Why did the creator name it the 'bikini'?
          a.  He named it after a Pacific atoll, sight of nuclear weapons tests
          b.  He wanted a word to rhyme with his favorite mushroom, the 'crimini'
          c.  He thought it sounded sexy.
          d.  His mom made up the name

Thank you boys and girls.  Now I'm not the only one walking around with useless information stuck in my brain.  Want to know when the Battle of Hastings was?  I am not able to forget it.  1066.

Anwers:  b, c, a


  1. I did not know that you were in blog land. Love your posts and will stop by often. Hope all is ab fab with you!!
    Michelle S.

  2. .....did my mom give you something????