Saturday, January 28, 2012

Barbie Invents New Sport: Nude Gymnastics

Über limber and flexible Barbie just loves to do gymnastics in the nude. 
"It's exhilarating to perform my routines when I'm buck nekkid."
She hopes it will catch on and be recognized as an Olympic sport. 
"Risqué shmisqué!", says Barbie, "Have you seen beach volleyball?"


  1. Barbie must have been sleeping through her history lessons. The ancient Greeks (who invented the Olympics) had a habit of training in the nude. In fact, the word "gymnastics" comes from the Greek word for naked (gymnos). I applaud Barbie for resurrecting an ancient tradition that's been lost to time, and I hope, too, that it catches on once more.

  2. Is it barbie olympic gymnast 1996?