Monday, January 30, 2012

1978, Or As The Romans Would Have Said, MCMLXXVIII Was A Great Year

* Gasoline was only 63 cents per gallon.  Even better if you drove a VW.
* Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher were born.  And 'That 70's Show' is in perpetual reruns.
* Charlie Chaplan's coffin was stolen in Switzerland.  To use as a coffee table?
* Dick Smith towed a fake iceberg to Sydney Harbour.  For the ultimate game of Marco Polo.
* Charlie Chaplan's coffin was found 15 km from the cemetary.  Was it on wheels?

* Garfield made his debut.  And cats all over American began eating lasagna.
* Timmy Johnson blew up his sister's Barbie with a cherry bomb in the driveway.  Barbie's an easy target for boys who like to blow things up. 
* U.S. President Jimmy Carter legalized brewing beer at home.  At the request of brother Billy.  Remember him?  He peed on a Secret Service car.
* David Rorvik claimed he cloned a human.  At last!  David has a girlfriend.
* I was driving an 18-wheeler cross country.  Yikes!  What was I thinking?

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