Sunday, January 29, 2012

All You Need is a Mouth. A Brain is Optional

I missed out on the game  'A Questions of Scruples' in the 1980's because I was in a parallel universe not playing games.
Players are supposed to give Yes, No or Depends answers to questions posed by other players. The goal is not to be truthful, but to answer differently than what is on the other players' answer cards.  Lying, bluffing and remaining emotionless are important keys to winning

Each yellow question card asks "a moral question such as we encounter every day"
Every day?  What people?  Are they drunk?  Are they high?  Have they been on 'Jerry Springer'?

• Your lover is away and you come across a diary. Do you read it? 
DUH.  Are you nuts?
• While drinking in an out-of-the-way bar, you see a friend's spouse having a romantic téte-a-téte. Do you mention it to your friend? 
Only on my cell from the table.
• Your lover has appeared as a nude centerfold. Do you leave him/her?  
What's the question? Why are you assuming I have a boyfriend 30 years younger than I am?  Gross.

I have a relatively low tolerance for stupid questions.
And for the people who ask them.
And for the people to whom the stupid questions relate.  
And for the people who appear on 'Jerry Springer'.
I do not think I could win this game. 

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  1. ....unfortunately we know a lot of people who ask these kind of questions????? Or might even like to play this game????