Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Satanists Like Picnics Too

My former friends Sally and Steve told me they ran into some Satanists on their picnic last summer. I asked what that meant and she said they had Eastern Star pentagrams on their salt and pepper shakers.

Believe it or not, this is what Sally and Steve believe...............
  ☼ Masons and Eastern Star worship Lucifer as God.
  ☼ Their goal is world domination.
  ☼ Their secret organizations for their kids - Job’s Daughters, Rainbow Girls and
DeMolay are playpens for satanists.
  ☼ If you have ancestors who were Masons or Eastern Star, all their descendants carry the curse of demonic possession.

That explains everything … why I have bad hair and can’t sing.  Why I got divorced.  Why I had skinned knees and cavities as a child.
I always thought my grandparents were really nice people. I had no idea they cursed me with demons. I thought they were Lutherans.

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