Monday, January 16, 2012

Red Heads Resistant to Seduction

In ancient Egypt, it was a good thing to have red hair if you were a Pharaoh like Ramses or Cleo.  If you were a non-royal, chances are you were burnt to death or buried alive. 

Along came the enlightened Greeks who thought redheads became vampires after death.
It was obvious to the loving Christians of the Spanish inquisition that redheads had stolen the fire of hell.  What to do?  Burn them as witches. 

Now we know that redheads are probably just regular people. 
They do have fewer hairs on their heads than the other hair colors.  They also require 20% more anesthesia to be sedated than blonds or brunettes. 

So if you're planning to seduce that ginger you've had your eye on with a couple of glasses of wine on Valentine's day, you'd better plan on four.

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