Thursday, February 2, 2012

Godzilla's Soul Sister - Bridezilla

If you don't know her, you will eventually.  Bridezilla is real!  And delusional.

This is her modus operandi.................
•  She believes that she is so sweet and that everyone loves her.
•  She never chooses pretty girls for bridesmaids.  Fat and ugly makes her look better.
•  Her bridesmade dresses are ugly and expensive.  So are the shoes.
•  She insists on at least three bridal showers.
•  Her bridal registries are at the most expensive stores and list the most expensive gifts.  Need a gift idea?  How about a $10,000 Tiffany’s tray?

•  The wedding invitation lists her registries or will state "We would like cash instead of gifts."
•  Bridezilla is unforgettable.  And unforgiveable.
•  You can know that the second and third weddings will follow the same pattern.
•  You may choose not to participate and remain guilt free.
•  Be secure in the knowledge that it is almost impossible to offend a rude person.