Friday, February 24, 2012

I Love Him Even If He's Not Original

I Love the Energizer Bunny.

What's not to love?  He's a bunny.  Because he eats electricity, Energizer Bunny will never filch veggies from my refrigerator, a risk when dealing with vegan rabbits.

I imagine roving bands of drum playing lagomorphs breaking into suburban homes late at night, sucking on batteries stolen from toys, remotes and kitchen junk drawers. When unable to locate batteries, the frenetic little pink vampires drink electricity from wall outlets.

Energizer Bunny is not the original battery bunny, you know.  He is a caricature and parody of The Duracell Bunnies, who were created in 1973.  Energizer Bunny did not appear until 1989.

Über cool Energizer Bunny wears sunglasses and has freakishly large ears and  flip-flop clad feet.  Duracell Bunnies look like people in puffy pink bunny suits.  What a bunch of dorks.

Energizer Bunny is one specific celebrity.   Duracell Bunnies are a species.

Duracell originally trademarked the battery bunny for the US, Europe and Australia, then failed to renew the trademark in this country.  Energizer Bunny took over and Duracell Bunnies were forced to emigrate.

I can't stop thinking about the Duracell employee who was responsible for the oversight.

"Good morning, Willard.  I just happened to notice on my calendar that yesterday our Bunny trademark expired.  You renewed it, right?"

Energizer Beach Bunnies.  If Energizer Bunny is the father, who is the mother? 
Why are they white? 
Are they the result of an inter-rabbital relationship?

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