Friday, February 3, 2012

Tie One On

I have been on a quest to learn more about that ubiquitous Father's Day gift, the TIE.

221 BC:  Chinese Emperor Shih Huang Ti's terra cotta warriors are all wearing neckties. 
I think it would be really hard to tie a terra cotta tie.

1650:  The French went fou when they saw the little red scarves worn by Croatian soldiers.  They named it the croat which became the cravat. 

1800's:  If a man wanted to insult another to the point of needing to duel, he simply touched the other man's cravat. 
Testosterone rules!

1936:  The Duke of Windsor invented the Windsor knot. 
Who else, a cross dressing Queen?

1947:  A Canadian man was convicted of immorality charges for selling ties with pictures of naked women. 
Was it the 'naked' or the 'women' that was the immoral part?

1971:  The bolo became the official tie of the state of Arizona. 
Legislators do such important things. 

1986:  Ralph Marlin made a tie in the shape of a fish. 
At last.
1998:  Bill Clinton's tie made headlines because it was a gift from Monica Lewinsky. 
Not the only thing she gave him. 

2012:  Wearing a fabric noose tightened around the neck is still a required part of the uniform in some vocations. 
No wonder some men hate their jobs.  They have to go to their own executions every day. 

On the other hand, the no-choke clip-on is still around.

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  1. ....that's the kind Lincoln likes...the clip on kind!! He can't tie them yet and either can his mother!!