Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Peacock, Drag Queen of the Bird World

The peacock is the drag queen of the Bird Kingdom.

This iridescent feathered diva demands attention and knows how to work the crowd.   Every peacock is born with runway rhythm in his little pea soul.

Vogueing?   I'm pretty sure the peacock invented it.

That's how he attracts his peahen mate.  He performs his shimmery fan dance while lip-syncing Liza Minnelli songs.  The peahen chooses her mate according to the quality and color of his costume, secretly hoping she will get to borrow it.

For a peacock, life is one big night club act. 

Peacocks can be bitchy and do not get along with other domestic birds.  Well why should they, girlfriend?

And what is a group of peacocks called?  A party, of course.

"Hey Lance!  There's something following me!"
"I know, Bruce, it's after me too!"

Another fact you might need if you are ever on Jeopardy: in Spanish, peacock is pavo, which also means turkey. Sometimes it is called pavo real – royal turkey.

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