Saturday, April 7, 2012

Is the Easter Bunny a Hairy Fairy?

A recently discovered antique porcelain Easter basket is believed to be one of several used by the actual Easter Bunny.  It is only 6.35 cm tall.

According to esteemed archeologist Dr. Eastroff Bunnington, “There is a strong tendency in our culture to super size everything, and it's not just our food and size of our waistlines. Children visit a six-foot tall Easter Bunny at the mall and mistakenly assume TEB is a giant.

I believe quite to the contrary. The Easter Bunny is most likely not over ten inches tall. My evidence indicates he is a distant genetic relative of The Fairy, Troll and Leprechaun. After a careful examination of the basket, I have concluded that he is is also probably Japanese.

Deal with it, America.”


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