Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Bunny Threatens Retirement

"I'm not sure I can keep this up much longer," the Easter Bunny said on the veranda of his palatial home in McGregorville.  "I'm worn out from delivering millions of eggs and I don't feel like people really appreciate my effort."

The EB said that people no longer have any sense of refinement and prefer eating things from paper containers with their hands.  He claims eggs in the shell should always be eaten from an egg cup. 

"The egg cup adds elegance and sophistication to the egg eating ritual. Eating with filthy human hands is disgusting.   If parents refuse to teach proper table manners, their children should be taken away and given to parents who will."

To eat a hard boiled egg from an egg cup, a small portion of the shell is lifted off like a lid and the egg is eaten with a small spoon.  The double egg cup has a large end for mixing a soft boiled egg with butter as well as a small end for eating hard boiled eggs. 

Asked if he will deliver eggs in 2013, Mr. Bunny said, "I am taking it under advisement.  Now please leave." 

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