Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Eau de What?

I have always been a collector.  I inherited the tendency from my dad and his carefully catalogued collection of transportation tokens.  Dad caught the collecting bug from his mother, who had a vast and stunning collection of salt and pepper shakers.  They were displayed on shelves below the big kitchen window in the ‘breakfast nook’.  What could be a better treat for a kid … Grandma's pancakes with a side of fun little objects to savor.
In childhood, my collections were things I loved … horse figurines, and things I found fascinating … rocks, seashells and bugs.  As an adult, I find myself drawn to things that evoke happy memories of childhood. 
Like salt and pepper shakers.


Another childhood treat was roaming a dime store with a few coins and being allowed to buy something all by myself.  I was drawn to the perfume ... the Eau de Toilette (very funny to a kid).  Oh, the treasures to be found … the gently curved, cobalt blue glass bottles of  Evening in Paris and the clear heart-shaped bottles with the pale blue rosebud tops that held Blue Waltz.
You guessed it.  I collect it.


 Happy Collecting!

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