Sunday, March 2, 2014

So Where's the Chair, Raphael?

'Madonna of the Chair' was painted in 1514 in Rome by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, aka Raphael. 

Try not to confuse it with the painting 'Madogga of the Chair' from Australia.

We know Raphael is a famous artist because we refer to him by one name.  Like Madonna on her chair.

'Madonna' is an old Italian word for 'lady', which I doubt Madonna ever was (see gross photo).  The Madonna in the Raphael painting is supposedly not just a lady, but a virgin.  The kid with the chubby legs is her baby, Jesus.  The depraved looking person on the right is supposed to be John the Baptist.  Maybe he's just sleep deprived.  Maybe from having nightmares about being beheaded.

So where is the chair?  Maybe the thingie in the foreground that I thought was a wine bottle is a part of the chair.

The legend of the painting is the best part.  Raphael was supposedly taking a walk and saw a young mother sitting in a doorway with her baby.  He thought it would make a great Madonna and child, but he didn't have any paper with him. He found a cask head and sketched the idea on it.  He kept the round shape when he painted the painting which is probably why we can't see the chair.

I would just love to see that chair.

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